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Black Tie Formal Wear: What It Means, What to Wear, and More

  1. The Classic Black Tuxedo
  2. What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding
  3. What Does The Dress Code Black Tie or Black Tie Required Mean?
  4. Black Tie Tuxedos and Couture Menswear

The Classic Black Tuxedo

There are really only three main choices for shoes to wear with a tuxedo. The first is the more modern option but also now the most widely worn: high-shine black lace-ups. And keep it plain: no double-sole brogues on this parade! The second option is the most traditional: the court shoe or opera pump. This type of footwear dates back to the 18th century and was originally worn with silk stockings and breeches for dancing. The third is a sort of halfway house between the two: the velvet slipper. This shoe brings that louche, aristocratic feel, but can also make your tux feel instantly more modern.

Whichever you go for, invest in a pair of black silk socks.

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Keeping them covered will make your whole outfit far more slick. Plus, silk socks just feel incredible. Larger pleats can make the outfit look very Seventies, but that's a good option for someone trying to look a little bit different — and a great option considering the trend of that era in menswear right now. It's technically 'allowed', but a purist would not let you into their party with such a faux pas. Instead, you should go for a turndown collar, which will also hide all the fixings of your bow tie far better and help your bow tie stand up straighter.

While there are generally two options when it comes to the style and construction of your evening shirt, there are far more options when it comes to materials and colours. Black has become an increasingly favoured shade for evening shirts and makes for a seriously sleek look when worn with a black tuxedo and all-black accessories no white-ties please, unless you fancy looking like Lou Bega.

What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding

Another less dressy alternative is to go for a chambray, denim-style evening shirt generally this will be pleated or a blue cotton this will look especially good with a navy tux. To finish, find the right studs.

The History Of Black Tie

Always a bow tie. And you should definitely try to go for one you tie yourself — they just look better than their ready-tied cousins. We know this can be tricky, which is why we've written a guide to how to tie a bow tie here, with a handy video. However, for a few extra pointers when it comes to technique, we decided to contact Holger Auffenberg, head of design at tailoring house Chester Barrie, who sports a bow tie to work every single day.

Just keep in mind that some asymmetry adds character! Most bows will let you open them with a hook.

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That way you can tie it with plenty of extra material and then adjust the finished tie to your neck size. Bit of a cheat, but nobody will know. Traditionally, a man should wear a cummerbund with his tuxedo and there are quite a few sartorial advantages in doing so. Not only is it an excellent tool for compressing your midriff, covering up and for potential shirt untucking that might occur during vigorous dancing, but it also has a small pocket hidden inside that's big enough for a couple of cards and some cash, meaning you can leave your wallet at home.

Just make sure you wear it with the pleats facing upwards they're only worn downwards by the US Army for formal dress.

What Does The Dress Code Black Tie or Black Tie Required Mean?

However, these days they're a negotiable part of the black-tie uniform. In fact, many men choose to leave it off if they're going for a more modern vibe.

Grace Petrie - Black Tie (Official video)

If you do go cummerbund-less, the thing to bear in mind is what else is going on at waist level. Belts should not be worn with black tie, so make sure you're wearing trousers that have a flat front and side tabs to keep things streamlined. Of course, it goes without saying that if you're wearing a tux where your waistband won't be seen all evening so that's either a double-breasted jacket or three-piece evening suit , then you don't need to sport a cummerbund.

While there are tweaks that you can apply to the various garments that go into your black-tie look, those items might still feel a little traditional for you see: cummerbunds. If playing with colour and pattern isn't your thing, the answer is to go more minimal. That might start with the kind of tux you choose. I would put that jacket with a pair of loose-fitting, pleated black poplin trousers. And it doesn't have to be all the time.

Black Tie Tuxedos and Couture Menswear

Perhaps you like traditional but just want to mix it up a bit. However, that twist on the classic dress code could be even more simple: removing your tie altogether.

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This could either be with a fine-gauge black rollneck during the winter or simply by wearing a shirt buttoned all the way up. Of course, you have to make sure that your shirt is right covered placket, elegant slim collar, pleats potentially , but it's a strong move, perhaps most famously sported by Kanye West at the Met Gala in We have an entire guide on how to do black tie during the summer months on site, with expert tips from Patrick Johnson, founder of Australian tailoring house P Johnson.

It focuses attention on his face, it provides sophistication, swank and uniformity and it channels time-honored sartorial convention. During the Depression era, it finally came into its own with its standardization of:. It is for this reason that the standards of the s have remained the benchmarks for successful black tie to this day. This section examines those standards in detail, exploring what Mr.

This information will allow a reader not only to assemble his own quintessential formal wardrobe but also to successfully navigate contemporary variations on that ideal. Get The Tuxedo Pocket Guide. Table Of Contents. Red Silk Carnation by Fort Belvedere.