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The opposite of faith is certainty

  1. The only certainty is uncertainty
  2. In science, the only certainty is uncertainty
  3. The Conversation

You learn to think backwards, which is very helpful when you want to deconstruct and interpret a problem or a thought pattern. It will link familiarity to a time in the past.

The only certainty is uncertainty

You are only taking the good bits out of the past and bringing them to the future. These small steps will help you build security in order to gradually make bolder decisions and push yourself forward to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Even when you start to ponder the ultimate consequences of a specific course of action, you can eventually make yourself feel calmer and more grounded.

As a result, it will spark new brain chemicals that will lead you to success by accepting change. When you can carefully identify the parameters that may increase the chances of success and reduce the chances of failure, your ability to deal with uncertainty and change makes you become more confident. Uncertainty never goes away. It is with us for life. Still, it can become our perfect chaos — unfamiliar yet so very adventurous.

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  • Certainty is a closed door.

You see, in the midst of chaos, there is always opportunity that presents… if we choose to see it. This meant that the Branko and Margit had to get by on their own.

Or they give us exercises, but at a facility which is very far away. In the end, we were forced to hire a physiotherapist who showed me the exercises " , Margit says. I don't have that much time. By then I will lose two children. The family had to make other adjustments as well. Aleksa and Veljko stopped going to birthday parties.

It was hard for Branko and Margit to stand by and watch their boys being unable to play with their friends. I wish, like every parent, I could help them enjoy at least a small part of childhood, like other children," Branko says.

In science, the only certainty is uncertainty

Despite these obstacles, this family keeps fighting every day. They get information about the disease, and treatment on their own, but also from the Dystrophy Association of Serbia and the National Organization of Persons with Disabilities. There is a parents' initiative in Serbia for the drug for SMA to be placed on the white list, and thus be financed by the Republic Health Insurance Fund. The Ministry of Health announced that this treatment will become available; initially the drug will be for those patients who need it the most.

According to their current assessment, Veljko and Aleksa are not among this group of patients. And then you always wait for something, you wait for papers, you wait for procedures, you wait for examinations, you wait to see whether you will be on the list, you wait until something is resolved. There's no time. We are running out of time. Margita left her job and has fully dedicated herself to her children.

Still, she's afraid of what the future will bring. I want to know that somebody out there knows that in this home, and in other homes with similar problems, there are children who will be left to fend for themselves, who cannot eat on their own, drink or go to bathroom, or to a store.

Veljko would like to learn karate and aikido. Aleksa's greatest desire is that they get a cure, and for all of them to be healthy. He sees us off with the words: "Support really means a lot, because without support we cannot do anything. Thirteen-year-old Sara and two years older Spozhmai are sisters who left their hometown in Afghanistan three years ago when they started their long journey.

In , both boys were diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 3. For this family, every day is a challenge.

The Conversation

The Jovanovic family turns daily exercises into fun and games. Branko father. Margita mother. Margita is now hoping that the state will cover the treatment costs for all children. Margita had to leave her job to take care of Aleksa and Veljko. Related Topics: Children with disabilities.